Commercial-Grade Performance

78 minutes of flight time. High resolution optical and thermal cameras. American-based support with over-the-air service. The US-1 isn’t just the best available commercial drone, it redefines what a drone can be.

The US-1 was built with sensitive enterprise and government customers in mind. Designed from the ground up in the United States, each US-1 is built in Impossible Aerospace’s California factory and runs a secure operating system.

US-1’s today are being deployed to fight fires, locate pipeline leaks, and track down armed suspects. Learn how US-1 can be used for your mission.

US-1 Quick Overview



External Dimensions 26″ x 26″
Vehicle Weight (no payload) 17.0 lb
Max Payload Weight (sea level) 8.7 lb
Flight Time (Standard Camera) 78 Minutes
Max airspeed 48 mph
Landing Gear Foldable, crash-absorbing
Battery Type Lithium-ion 1.2 kWh
Standard charger power 650W
Fast charger power 1200W
Fast charge time 25-75% in 35 minutes
Radio Range Up to 2 miles


Hard Shell Case Included
Dimensions 30″x30″x18″


Impossible Aerospace can certify third-party payloads for use with the US-1 on request. Please contact us to discuss using a payload other than the included camera set.

Operating Modes

  • Auto-takeoff
  • Manual position control
  • Autonomous waypoint following
  • Survey
  • Return-to-home
  • User selectable geofence (no default geofences)

Standard Payload

  • FLIR Duo Pro R Thermal/Optical Imaging Camera
  • 4K Color
  • Up to 640×512 thermal resolution
  • Multiple color pallets
  • Picture in Picture, FLIR MSX
  • 2 Micro SD Card Slots


  • 650W Charger
  • 1200W Fast Charger Optional
  • Travel Case
  • Handset controller
  • 2 Years LTE connectivity


  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • American-based engineering and support team
  • LTE-based firmware updates
  • Pricing available on request

Unboxing Video

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I swap batteries?
There’s no need to swap batteries with US-1. A single, integrated battery is installed at the factory and is good for the life of the aircraft. Instead of battery swapping, users can either fast charge (approximately 35 minutes for 50% charge) or switch between two aircraft for persistence.

Does Impossible Aerospace make a smaller drone?

How much weight can the US-1 carry?
The US-1 is certified by Impossible Aerospace to carry specific payloads. The only certified payload today is the FLIR Duo Pro R, which provides both visible and thermal imaging.

What kind of warranty does US-1 have?
Impossible Aerospace offers a 2 year manufacturer warranty against defects.

Why does the US-1 have a cellular radio?
This connectivity is important for three reasons. First, it allows Impossible Aerospace to push firmware updates at times that are convenient for our users (not right when they’re about to fly). Second, it allows Impossible engineers to predict problems before they arise and proactively service our fleet. Finally, it allows for our service team to remotely diagnose your vehicle and, in many cases, perform service over the air.

Do you offer an optical zooming camera with US-1?
When new payloads are released, they are first made available to our existing US-1 customers as upgrades.

Didn’t you used say the flight time was two hours?
While we have flown US-1’s for two hours, Impossible Aerospace now includes several additional features standard that add weight, including (1) the FLIR Duo Pro R camera, (2) a laser rangefinder, (3) a tactical enclosure, (4) a long-range radio, (5) additional seals for water resistance, and (6) crash absorbing landing gear. Without carrying the camera, the aircraft still is capable of exceeding 90 minutes of flight time.

Will the US-1 work with wireless streaming devices (like Teradek)?
The US-1 handset controller has an HDMI output port, and so many wireless streaming devices are supported.


Is the US-1 easy to operate?
Yes. You can take off, fly, and land the US-1 using nothing but a few buttons on a touch screen. Takeoffs and landings are autonomous.

Does US-1 have collision avoidance?
The US-1 has a downward facing rangefinder for terrain avoidance. However, our data shows that a trained pilot is far more effective than any hardware collision avoidance in the lateral directions. Many of our customers are first responders flying in smokey or nighttime conditions, which defeat most collision avoidance systems.

What is the lead time for US-1?
Currently, our lead times are 60-120 days, depending on region in the United States.

What platform does the ground station support?
The US-1 ships with an Android tablet attached to its ground station. iOS is not currently supported.  

Request Information

We are happy to provide detailed specifications, program development guidance, materials to help you justify starting a program, and we have deep expertise in remote aerial sensing for many applications.   

Why is the lead time so long?
The demand for US-1’s exceeds our ability to produce them

Does the US-1 have a return to home button?

Does the US-1 return to home when the aircraft loses radio signal?

Where is the US-1 made?
The US-1 is designed, engineered, assembled and serviced in our Santa Clara, California Headquarters.

Are there other colors available?
Yes, for a fee.

Are replacement propellers and landing gear available for purchase?

Can I fly in the rain?
While the US-1 airframe was designed to survive incidental exposure to water, the camera was not. Our warranty does not cover water damage.

Why are there two charge ports on the US-1?
There are also two charge connectors on the US-1 charger. Using only a single one delivers a slow charge, which is somewhat healthier for the battery pack but takes over two hours to complete.


What is the height of US-1 from ground to propellers?
15.5 inches.

Does Impossible Aerospace carry a bright monitor for outdoor use?
While the handset screen is visible in most outdoor conditions, we can recommend a few external high-brightness screens for very sunny conditions. These can be connected either using an HDMI cable to the handset, or using a Multicast receiver.

What is Multicast?
Multiple devices on the ground can receive a video stream from the US-1 at the same time. Each Multicast receiver radio has an HDMI output port and its own power supply.

Does US-1 have default geofences?
No. Impossible Aerospace does not limit where the US-1 operates. However, users can define their own geofences for convenience or safety.

How long does the US-1 handset battery last?
Approximately three hours.

Which cameras is available with US-1?
We support several models of the FLIR Duo Pro R.

I already have a FLIR Duo Pro R. Can I use it with US-1?
Yes, US-1 can be purchased for a lower price without the FLIR Duo Pro R in this case.

What software platform do you use?
The US-1 runs the open source Auterion suite based on PX4.

Do you support third-party apps (like DroneDeploy)?
Yes and no. US-1 can take interval photographs that can later be stitched together in these third-party apps. It cannot be directly controlled by any app other than the Auterion Ground Station.